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Cathedral view from 45 Rock entrance.

Cathedral view from 45 Rock entrance.

It doesn’t seem like seven years.  I won’t go into it because everyone’s story about that day is unique and significant.  I will say that by the end of that day, after a lot of uncertainty, I counted myself and those I care about among the lucky.  

The entrance to my old job at Rockefeller Center (see above) was directly across the street from St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  I returned to work on the 13th and then over the course of the next several months my commute consisted of exiting the 51st & Lex exit of the 6 train, walking across town to 5th Ave. and then turning a corner and walking past an already in progress funeral for any one of the 343 fallen NYC firefighters before heading into the worst job I’ve ever had.  I cried every morning before I ever got into the building.

A month after 09/11, the day before my birthday, they found anthrax in the mailroom of Rockefeller Center. Me and the other peons heard the news after we had handled the mail and the lawyers had already bailed out of the building.

Two days later I took my first improv class at the Upright Citizens Brigade.  I signed up on Sept. 12th.

Comedy is needed.  Laughter heals.


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