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Point Break of the Speed Matrix

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I have puppy fever.  I got it bad…real bad.  Coobs got an impossibly cute mini schnauzer last month and I’m super jelly.  Also, I’ve  got puppies on the brain because Alaina has a doggie and I’ll finally have a little canine amusement when we move in together.  I’m so excited.  I lover her Boston Terrier, Annabelle Blanche. 

If I were to get a pup, it would have to be a small breed because of where I live and the schedule I keep.  But I really want a big dog.  They’re so much cooler and fun and SO not annoying. I took a looksee at the Washington Humane Society and I am IN LOVE with this dog.  It looks just like the white german shepherd I had when I was little.  I started to tear up because this dog was mistreated and now needs a good home.  Go ahead look into these eyes and tell me you don’t want to rescue him!  Internet, please donate to your local humane society. 

Are you my doggie?
Are you my doggie?

  King (7702694) is a handsome 3 year old German Shepherd mix who was surrendered by his owner after he took him in from a neighbor who wasn’t properly caring for him. Unfortunately, the boy’s dad is allergic to dogs so they couldn’t keep him. King is a laidback boy who is a bit overwhelmed in his new shelter surroundings and just trying to get comfortable. He is gentle and quite tolerant, sensitive and appeasing. He also responds appropriately with food and treats. Though he could benefit from a bit more socialization, he gets along well with other pups and can take care of himself when left unsupervised. The strong and silent type, he’d likely do best in the home of another, more submissive canine, or as the sole object of his owner’s love. 🙂 King is full grown at about 55lbs.