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Point Break of the Speed Matrix

Keanu is my Mac. He helps me reach you, Interwebs.

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My friend, Clevelandn6808923_41507556_2307, of whom I speak often here in the ole blog, has a mundane office job like the rest of us artsy fartsies.  Bills gotta get paid, yo.  When things are slow she has a lot of time to flex her creative muscles.  I sometimes find myself on the receiving end of one of her creative bursts.  Usually it’s in the form of a text asking what city our food centered travel channel show will feature in the first episode.  Tell me you don’t love this idea: two funny, friendly faced girls eating deep dish pizza in Chicago, commenting on improv and enjoying brews with local Polacks.    That’s just money in the bank my friends.  We haven’t really thought of other cities…

Other times I get a present in the form of an email with an attached PDF.  And it is in these moments that I thank JEBUS for technology.  Cleveland and her co-worker have what can only be described as “drawing duels”.  They each select a number of objects to draw and then compare each drawing to see who did a better job.


Are your friends this ridiculous?

Are your friends this ridiculous?


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When I was an editorial assistant for a hot minute at Palgrave I had the opportunity to title a book.  My editor liked my suggestion of  “Something in the Air” at a meeting and it was the working title until I left Palgrave.  The author never liked my suggestion and eventually got her way which was to give this book she wrote on farting a less esoteric title. 

I learned years later that the title became “On Farting“.  

But what is it really about?

But what is it really about?

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My improv group DMG (also populated by Coobs and the Southern Belle) and our friends Vic Speedboat (featuring Red Hoodie) kick off the WIT winter run tonight at 8pm. 

The Source Theater is home to WIT and was recently renovated over the summer.  It is a terrific space.   There is a not so shocking lack of the artsy fartsy in DC and it is one of the few places in this bland city that I truly feel at home.  It’s a place where I always belly laugh and am surrounded by supportive friendly faces.  If you’re in town and need something to do please come out and support any one of the shows in the Winter run.  It’s pretty much a guaranteed good time.

Photo courtesy of my friend, "Red Hoodie".

Photo courtesy of Red Hoodie.

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Once again my beloved Independent Film Channel delivers.  I was watching Music Blast and they played a live performance of PJ Harvey singing “White Chalk”.  This album is a year old and I am a little late in the commentary on this, but then again NONE OF YOU TOLD ME ABOUT HER OUTFIT EITHER.

PJ, I love you.  I’ve loved you back when I was very young and still unknown to man.  So for a whole three weeks I’ve loved you. That being said, why are you trying to scare me?  You look like you came out of Turn of the Screw.  And you know what?  That book scared the shit out of me!  

I know you’re pushing 40 and reinvention is the key to longevity in the business of show but could you please go back to your riot girl-sad-coffee-shop-grunge-but-with-sassy-red-lipstick ‘tude that made me so jealous of you in high school.  Singing sad songs in a wedding dress is just about as good a model for feminism as Sarah Palin.  Ah, I’m just kidding.  I don’t think it’s that severe.  I just wanted to make a hack joke about Palin.  Friends?  K.

So I bought your album anyway because it’s awesome.

“The Piano” is tres chilling as well.

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Are these new?  The frequency of the words is displayed by size.  I am tempted to run one of these for some of my unpublished essays.  But I fear that it would only confirm that I am a broken record who uses the phrase “on the realz” far too much.  So intstead here is one for the lyrics to Viva La Vida.  I think it looks cool too.

Viva La Vida word cloud.  Look at how many times they say “Oh-ooh”!

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