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Point Break of the Speed Matrix

Keanu is my Mac. He helps me reach you, Interwebs.

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Where's the Virginia Slim to complete the luxury?

Where's the Virginia Slim to complete this image of luxury?

The intent of this post has taken a detour.  I was originally going to write about how my friend “Beardy” was the drummer from the “Gin Blossoms” for Halloween, which is so hysterical to me.  I was then reminded of the time I met the band in college.   I was sort of their student government appointed roadie for the day.  It mostly required me to bring them towels and cigarettes to their dressing rooms.   Hey, jealousy indeed!

The memories came a flooding when I thought about freshman year of college.  Truth be told, I was never a particularly trendy teenager just a totally artsy fartsy one.  I definitely had my own taste.  Having left the confines of a uniform for the first time in 13 years, I exploded onto the college scene with zero fashion sense.  My “look” could best be described as “sleepy lesbian”.  I did not date much that year.

And I don’t think this helped either.  I just remembered  that for about a month I had powder blue acryllic airbrushed nails (like above but powder blue with a navy design air brushed on).  I am so serious.  All of these girls in my town had  them and I thought they were interesting and hysterical all at once.  So I spent $45 of my babysitting money to get them done at Wonder Nails (pronounced “Wonda Now”). 

So imagine if you will, me at 17:

  • hair mashed in ponytail
  • wearing dad’s bvd v-neck from the laundry
  • wide leg baggy quick silver jeans
  • Marvin the Martian head shaped wallet on fob hanging from jeans
  • the full set of eyebrows God gave me
  • long luxurious powder blue acryllic airbrushed nails

Putting that image together in my head is now making me judge the people who befriended me that year.  What the hell were they thinking?

Oh anyway, the point of this post was to make fun of photo I found when I googled “acryllic air brushed nails“.  I have a full appreciation for hand models now.


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Adding to the list of crap I don’t need…LASER ETCHING for Keanu.

Is Keanu, cheeky?

Is Keanu, cheeky?Or is Keanu, intense?

There are a lot of different designs to choose from or Keanu can create his own.  Decisions…

I am going to NYC in a month to visit my old UCB buddy, “Smalls” "Smalls" and of course, Beardy (see Halloween = “Singles Christmas”).  I imagine Keanu and Beardy will throw back a few and end up at a tat parlor in the village late night (  I am psyched!

Keanu welcomes tattoo suggestions!

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