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I don't know if the attendees are aware that those seats are NOT heated.

I don't know if the attendees are aware that those seats are NOT heated.

There’s going to be this big “to do” over at the Capitol on Tuesday… outdoors.  
OK, I get why it has to be in January. It’s the start of a new year/ new term and the Constitution says so but it is colder than a witch’s tit in DC right now.  How cold is it?  I’ve been to Sweden in January.  It was warmer there.
Reagan’s 1985 swearing-in was moved indoors due to cold weather…but I have a feeling the powers that be will not change arrangements to accommodate a smaller elegant indoor ceremony.
Part of me wants to go of course and be a part of history but after living and working in NYC and DC for so long I truly detest crowds and tourists.  [Read like Bad Bill Cosby]: OH AND THE SUBZERO WINDCHILL ON MY FACE AND GOING THROUGH MY PANTS AND INTO MY BODY.   
I think my mind is made up.  I have toasty coziness in my home as well as a fully functional TV [again Bad Bill Cosby] WITH THE CABLE CHANNELS AND THE FLEECE ROBE WITH THE CHINESE TAKE OUT FOODS.

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Office holiday parties.

Honorable Mention: Office holiday parties.

I feel like making a list today.    Times being as tough as they are I feel it’s more important than ever to take pleasure in and savor the little things that more often than not put a smile on our faces.   These are 11 things that never fail to make me happy.

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