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Point Break of the Speed Matrix

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I started taking this B complex vitamin because it’s supposed to increase your energy and helps maintain a healthy nervous system.  I have no idea what I am doing.   I have done zero research on vitamin supplements, therefore, I am THE target audience for GNC stores.  If I see a smiling fresh faced woman and a leaf somewhere on the label, it’s going in the basket.

All I really know about B vitamins is that my musician friends like to take a B-12 pill before they go to sleep.  Apparently B-12 will take you on a wicked psychedelic magic carpet ride as soon as you hit your REM cycle.  So they keep a notebook on the night stand for song lyric ideas and to remind themselves to call their mothers.

They get it.

They get it.



I took my vitamin the other night and woke up with a little scratch between my eyes.  I had the craziest dream.  I won’t get into it here because this is a family blog but there was definitely dance fighting.

These Dreams


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