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Point Break of the Speed Matrix

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Some photos from the tourney are getting circulated now.  Here is a pic from my last Plan B show in the Semi Final round of Washington Improv Theater’s FIST 2010.  I was really proud of the performances we gave throughout and couldn’t have had better teammates.  These are my pals Mikael and Jenny.

I was not doing Jenny any favors in this scene.

Mikael takes a moment to send a photo to his agent.

The show before the one above... Jenny and I were running a little late to the theater.

I got so excited. I forgot I was only about to get an "improv" box of wine.


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Well, my rag tag FIST team made it all the way to the final 4 of Washington Improv Theater’s Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament.  We lost in the semi-final round to our friends in The Flea Sisters.  We were the second to perform in the match and I knew it was all over for us when we got off stage.  The Flea Sisters had a great show and they ended with a super fun song to boot.  Backstage we congratulated them before the results were read but they weren’t convinced they won yet.  We had a packed house of over 100 people and it was hard to tell how you were doing while onstage.  One thing was certain, we all wanted to end on a super funny high note.  So I suggested that we all do a spit take when the results were read.  That way no one gives us sad-loser-sorry-face and six hams get what they really want: one more laugh.  Here’s the pic:

"...and the winner is... The Flea Sisters!"

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