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Point Break of the Speed Matrix

Keanu is my Mac. He helps me reach you, Interwebs.

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Honorable mention: "LEMON!"

5.  Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me!

4.  Window in the Skies!

3.  Wild Honey!

2.   Zooropa!

1.  Angel of Harlem!


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I am stealing this topic from Nick Nadel’s facebook status but not his slogans.  **Sidenote: Nick, I think you should most def go with “Listen to Ginuwine in ’09”.

Top 10 Slogans for Tara in ’09 (in size order… also be prepared to read the greatest list ever written):

  1. Everything’s FINE in ’09
  2. Avoiding every FELINE in ’09
  3. Stalking strictly ONLINE in ’09
  4. Buying only boxed WINE in ’09
  5. Not sharing and yelling, “MINE!” in ’09
  6. No longer answering to “CLEMENTINE” in ’09
  7. Commenting more on things that smell of PINE in ’09
  8. Smacking people who say things like, “It’s a SIGN.” in ’09.
  9. Eating more oatmeal so that my hair and nails will SHINE in ’09
  10. Growing tomatoes so that I can say they were picked “straight off the VINE” in ’09.

They are all so amazing.  I still don’t know which one I’ll be using all year!

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Office holiday parties.

Honorable Mention: Office holiday parties.

I feel like making a list today.    Times being as tough as they are I feel it’s more important than ever to take pleasure in and savor the little things that more often than not put a smile on our faces.   These are 11 things that never fail to make me happy.

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