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Point Break of the Speed Matrix

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Every Tuesday I have a standing dinner date with Curly and Cleveland* ( see Propers to My Ladies ).  I look forward to our date every week.  If I may quote Vincent from Season 3 of Project Runway, they “turn me on”.  Each week we pick a new place to sit and chow for and hour and a half before they have their rehearsal at the Comedy Spot.  I wonder what exotic dining adventure we’ll have this evening…perhaps Cosi?  I’m feeling feisty…I think I want to CREATE MY OWN salad tonight.  Sizzle.

Whatever the cuisine, it’s a guaranteed good time.  Curly, always makes the most surprising comments with the most deadpan expression and Cleveland says “well, doy” a lot after someone states the obvious. 

Cleveland just got back from a trip with her family to a spa in backwoods, PA that doubles as a rifle range.  And Curly’s back to work at some sweatshop that caters lunch.  I am no Miss Cleo but I see laughter in the near future.

*Note – I changed Layza Beams name to Cleveland because I like alliteration and I don’t like spelling things phonetically for effect.


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My friend “Curly” (see “Propers to My Ladies”) invited me and “Cleveland” (see Propers to My Ladies”) over to her parent’s home for Sunday night dinner.  Oh, it was too good.   Laughing for about four hours straight is a new record for me in a first time venue.  I should have warned Curly that just like a vampire, all I need is to be invited into your house ONE time and you’ll never be able to get rid of me.  

So Family of Curly, if you are reading this, there is no going back.  The wheels have been set into motion.  You may not know when but I will be showing up at night to suck the contents out of your fridge.  The invitation was all I needed and it was just a lucky bonus for me that you turned out to be amazing people with fantastic senses of humour.

On the serious, thank you again for a wonderful evening.  Being far from home is hard sometimes and it was nice to be surrounded at a fun family table once again.

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