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Ricky, the androgynous Brit pop star from Seona Dancing.

Ricky, the androgynous Brit pop star from Seona Dancing.

The complete fifth season of Ricky’s podcast is out today.  I have all them on my itunes and for the past two years have been listening to them at work…not every day like a psycho or anything.  

I was already a huge fan of “The Office” but it was my niece who got me into the podcasts….it was also my niece who showed me how to work the iPod machine. 

Besides having one of the most enviable careers in comedy, Ricky also enjoyed mild success in the world of Brit Pop during it’s hay day in the ’80s.  I love him even more for this.  Just look at him.  I am tempted to create a new identity for myself just so I can have something to belly laugh with my friends about 10 years from now. I’m sure he’s said once or twice, while flipping through albums with Gwyneth and Chris, (this is what I imagine his leisure time is like) from his million pound home in Hampstead Heath, “Glad that didn’t work out.”  Then they all laugh collectively, throw a wad of American dollars on the fire and prank call Madonna.