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Point Break of the Speed Matrix

Keanu is my Mac. He helps me reach you, Interwebs.

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One more night of rehearsal and then, my new sketch group Brick Penguin goes public.  Yikes.  Here’s a new blurb on what we’re mixed up with here. 

The Family Hemerlein Variety Show gets a plug from Perez Hilton.

We are the sketch comedy interludes before the Smoke Fairies hit the stage.  I am seriously not cool enough to hang with these ladies.

You guys wanna grab a salad at Chopt? No? Ok.


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Me and my allergies did our first “in studio” live streaming podcast situation on The Mariya Alexander Show.  Mariya is a lovely lady who does stand-up in DC and has recently taken up classes with WIT.  She does her show every Sunday at 1pm EST and last week I went to the studio in Fairfax to promote WIT, FIST and sketch writing.  You can go to iTunes to subscribe to the free podcast. 

Here is a link to the show:

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Promo time.  This Thursday night I return to the stage with Season Six at 8pm but not before the first match up of WIT’s Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament (aka FIST).   See that gal in the gold?  That’s my pal Karin Hammerberry and this is her awesome blog.  The tournament is a ton of fun and hugely entertaining.   See my twitter feed at the right for an interview of the two FIST hosts, Aparna Nancherla and Kat Davis on The Mariya Alexander Show.

My team, Plan B (myself, Jennifer Huftalen & Mikael Johnson), doesn’t really have an improv format yet.  I think it will be kind of like flying by the seat of our pants but… without pants.  The spirit of the Olympics has inspired the three of us and we are passionately aiming for 6th place in the tournament.

And here is a video of the puppy I want:

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There's a joke here... but my brain can't make a decision.

Tomorrow night I am performing improv with Chinese Menu at American University’s The Tavern.  The showcase, Laughs for Love, is being hosted by the ladies of Sigma Delta Tau.   The money raised will go towards programs for ending violence against children.  Do you live in DC?  Do you have a soul?  You should come.

And on a side note, I just want to give a shout out to my best friend Lando Calorissian who just happens to be a terrible Sigma Delta Tau sister from a chapter up North and has revealed some secrets of the sisterhood to me over the years and usually over pitchers.  And all I have to say, ladies, is …ew.

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