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Earlier this week I posted a clip of Insane Clown Posse’s “Miracles” video.   This past Saturday, Saturday Night Live created a parody of the video.  It’s really good.  Check it out on Hulu.  Click here.


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Cheri Oteri set to star in a new sitcom about being a life coach.  She was one of my favorite cast members.  I love her Philadelphia housewife, Mrs. Delvecchio (“You see this!  I keep it now!”)  I hope she wasn’t the jerkface Tracy Morgan said she was during her time on SNL.   Speaking of faces…

What the junk is up with your grill, Cheri?

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I’ve been a fan of Jessie Klein’s stand-up for a long time.  Back in my NYC days I was lucky enough to see her perform a bunch at Rififi (RIP) and the Parkside Lounge.  I was pleased to read that she’s the lastest addition to the SNL writing team.  Hired mid-season at 34 and a lady… this keeps my motor runnin’.

Read the article here.

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The set up was that Amy Poehler drops from above on wires and tells Lindsay to tone down her lifestyle or that’s what she’ll end up as.  Clearly shaken by her future self’s haggard appearance,  Lindsay asks her if she came from 20 years in the future and Amy, in a husky Parliment Light voice, says “No, I’m from 2007.”

Well today I was taking a look on some celebcentric blog and I came across this photo taken of Lindsay in Paris just yesterday (see below).  Wow.  So sad.   As my mother would say, “That is a rough twenty-three.”
Lindsay Lohan
Editor’s Note:  I initially wrote this post based on memory but then I realized the internet could probably help me with the facts so I’ve made the appropriate corrections.
“In a 2005 monologue, Amy Poehler appears as the ‘2007 Lindsay'” has been corrected from “In a 2007 monologue, Amy Poehler appears as the ‘5 years from now Lindsay’.”

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Damn you SNL Trivial Pursuit and your obscure 1985 season references.

Damn you SNL Trivial Pursuit and your obscure 1985 season references.

I’ve had this trivial pursuit “SNL DVD Edition” sitting in my closet unopened for two years. This fact is a testament to the kind of people you may find in DC.  Nerds.  Not the comedy nerds that I HEART and often speak of here in the ole blog but rather straight up serious-job-ties-martinis-politics-only-look-forward-to-Superbowl-commercials-for-laughs-NERDS.  And alas, for a while I was unable to find any playmates that may prove to be worthy enough adversaries for me to take it out of the plastic.  I am equally proud and ashamed to say that is no longer the case.

Being my own greatest fan, I was still confident in my ability to wipe the floor with the chums I slyly seduced into my lair of crazy with promises of cakes, French pressed coffee and a friendly boardgame. After all, their knowledge of SNL maybe respectable but I doubt they used to sneak into the kitchen since they were still in feety pjs after bedtime on Saturday nights and lift a 19″ TV set half  their weight into their rooms in order to catch every minute of SNL and then wake up again at 5 AM just to return that TV set back to the kitchen without anyone the wiser.  I mean Coobs grew up in the third world (those are his words) for chrissakes and my Southern Belle has never been north of Pennsylvania.

I don’t really want to get into it…but I lost to Coobs after he failed SEVERAL times to answer the “FOR THE WIN” question.  I mean no offense Coobs, but you did have some difficulty towards the end.   And how do I feel about it?  I think my feelings can best be expressed by the piece I chose to best represent myself on the board.  See below.


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This is by far the best result that came up when I did an image search on google for "warm cozy".  The band "Queen" always comes to mind.

This is by far the best result that came up when I did an image search on google for "warm cozy". Nothing relaxes me more than a cup of my mother's stew, a fleece robe and the "Flash Gordon" soundtrack.


I don’t get sick very often; very rarely actually.  I am probably more accident prone than anything.  Me and gravity be scrappin’ all the time.  But since Thanksgiving I have been playing hostess to a nasty cold.  How nasty?  I feel like I’ve got “The Dance of the Sugar Plum Boogies” going on in my bronchials.  That’s a little seasonal joke for you Tchaikovsky fans out there.  **I am currently listening to the Nutcracker on my iPod.

I am at work right now because I went to bed at 7pm last night and woke up at 5am.  I am trying to get some work done in case I can’t finish out the day.  I have rehearsal tonight and am dreading it.  I have to go because our first show for the holiday run at the theater is this Thursday night.  But all I want to do is go home, put on feety pjs and take a Hibernol.

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