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Point Break of the Speed Matrix

Keanu is my Mac. He helps me reach you, Interwebs.

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I just realized that there is no real way to transition into the zany funnies after exposing personal truths related to one of the most tragic events our country has ever seen.  So here’s something totally random…

A couple of years ago,  I got a call from my friend…”Lando Calrissian”, telling me I need to turn on Lifetime (Television for Women) because Kirstie Alley is playing a mentally handicapped woman who is also one-half of an interracial couple in a made for TV movie.   Yes.  Re-read that.  Yes, it’s all true.  I tuned in and it was just as awesome as you’re thinking it would be.  (**Note** – Don’t think what you’re thinking.  Were the script well written or put into the hands of a more capable actress or aired on a more reputable network *like one that doesn’t cater to women with cramps* then perchance I could see this being an excellent film with a great social message.  However, none of those things happened.)

Years later Lando calls me up from a bar and says, “What the hell was the name of that Oprah special with the one from Jenny Craig?  You know, it was called Sumpin’ Special or I’m Okay, You’re Okay or Totally Fine, remember?  Decidedly Sane ? What the hell was the title?”  I drew a blank.   And thank Christ.  I would have put my head in the oven if I had that information at the ready. 

I told L. Calrissian I would look it up on IMDB and text it.  The title was better than I remembered.  And if you are familiar with IMDB you know that you can also look up films by entering “plot keywords”.  I sent Lando the title along with the plot keywords found on the IMDB site for future reference. 

Lando has kept that text and deleted all others we have exchanged since.  So everytime I get a text from L.C. the following is attached in the the history as the last thing I sent:

“PROFOUNDLY NORMAL –   Plot keywords: mental retardation and interracial couples”

If you would like to know more about “Profoundly Normal”  Please click on the link below:


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