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I don't know if the attendees are aware that those seats are NOT heated.

I don't know if the attendees are aware that those seats are NOT heated.

There’s going to be this big “to do” over at the Capitol on Tuesday… outdoors.  
OK, I get why it has to be in January. It’s the start of a new year/ new term and the Constitution says so but it is colder than a witch’s tit in DC right now.  How cold is it?  I’ve been to Sweden in January.  It was warmer there.
Reagan’s 1985 swearing-in was moved indoors due to cold weather…but I have a feeling the powers that be will not change arrangements to accommodate a smaller elegant indoor ceremony.
Part of me wants to go of course and be a part of history but after living and working in NYC and DC for so long I truly detest crowds and tourists.  [Read like Bad Bill Cosby]: OH AND THE SUBZERO WINDCHILL ON MY FACE AND GOING THROUGH MY PANTS AND INTO MY BODY.   
I think my mind is made up.  I have toasty coziness in my home as well as a fully functional TV [again Bad Bill Cosby] WITH THE CABLE CHANNELS AND THE FLEECE ROBE WITH THE CHINESE TAKE OUT FOODS.

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Yesterday I walked to the metro and there were two senior citizen veterans canvasing for both candidates.  One would say aloud “Veterans for McCain” and then the other would then say “Veterans for Obama” in turn as people walked by them.  They weren’t yelling and there was no animosity in their voices.  They were simply expressing their support for the candidate of their choice.  I took a good long look at them to see their proximity to one another and they were close, about a foot apart.  They stood at attention and in complete respect for one another’s right to free speech and to assemble.  I wish there had been a news crew to film it.  The media tends to show us the worst in politics, the shouting matches, the intolerance and more often than not the violence that accompanies change.  Those images are irresponsibly flashed before a mostly uniformed and undecided audience who would be swayed by that behavior.

As a child of immigrants I try not to take things for granted in this country.  It’s hard to be ever mindful of these things.  I’m not Ghandi.  It’s true.  I’m not.   But yesterday as I walked past these two men who had full appreciation of their rights and respect for one another as brothers in service to this country, I was overwhelmed with gratefulness.  I am grateful to be a citizen of this country, to be a woman with the right to vote, to express my opinions publicly and even here on my own little blog.

For me, loving America doesn’t mean you say there’s nothing wrong with it.  It means you try to make it better.